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Company principles

As an international business we are fully aware of our size and presence in the public eye.We respect cultural variety and recognise differences in values and traditions.Our work is a reflection of our company principles and code of conduct.

Corporate responsibility

As a retailer we value the continued trust placed in our company and our products.
We are conscious of our responsibilities to society and the environment and continually apply ourselves to improving in all areas of our business: environment, climate protection, employment, community action and our product range. As part of Lidl’s motto “on the way to a better tomorrow” we ensure customers and interested parties are always fully informed of our responsibilities in all we do.
We are aware that we can only fulfil our responsibilities with the help of our motivated and committed employees. One of our primary concerns is, therefore, to remain a responsible and appealing employer.
It is our goal to ensure that you continue to place your trust in us.
As part of an international chain, our employees in the UK play a significant role in our economic success. Motivated and committed employees shape our company.
At the start of 2008, all employees committed to our corporate and management policies, defining a code of behaviour towards colleagues and business partners.
In 2009, our company culture was tested for the first time by an independent employee survey. This demonstrated that the vast majority of employees felt satisfied with, and had an affinity to, both their job role and the company