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International Accelerated Development Programme (IADP)

We think GM Financial is a great place to start your career, but why not take a look through the following pages and decide?
You’re smart, savvy and switched on. You’re not afraid to roll up your sleeves and get things done. And now you are ready for your career, you’re looking for a company to develop yourself. GM Financial is a place that will offer you different placements across International Operations, tailored development modules, senior mentoring relationships and superb compensation package. A place that’s so supportive even the Managing Director takes an interest in your professional development.
GMF are looking to recruit talented and high-potential candidates to join their internationally accelerated programme. To find out more about the IADP programme, click here.

Company History

Our road began with GM founding General Motors Acceptance Corporation (GMAC) as the first ever automotive captive company and financial service provider so as to meet the growing need for consumer and retailer vehicle financing. GMAC, a pioneer in auto finance, first opened its doors to customers in 1919, with the launching of the first branch in Detroit, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Toronto.
For many decades, GMAC provided financial service products to GM customers worldwide and was an integral part of the GM Family. Over time, it grew from an automotive finance company to a diversified financial services enterprise covering commercial credit, insurance, mortgage and full-service leasing business.
In the early 2000s though, GM started to face economic challenges that impacted its credit rating. As GMAC was financially strong at the time, a majority stake was sold in 2006 after 87 years of ownership to enable GMAC to obtain its own independent and higher credit rating, so that funding or raising capital on the capital markets would become cheaper (improved cost of funds). Thus, GMAC began a new era as an independent global financial services company.
Following the acquisition by Ally Financial in 2010, GMAC began a consolidation and restructuring process that included renaming GMAC to Ally Financial Inc. In most parts of International Operations, the company remained known as GMAC, with only Mexico rebranding to Ally.  Following the sale from Ally to GM Financial in 2013, the Company is now working on the rebranding across International Operations to name as GM Financial. This purchase recognised how much IO had achieved using existing resources during an extremely difficult time, which is also reflected in the above market sales price Ally achieved for IO.
With GM Financial operating in the US and Canada, and International Operations covering Europe, Latin America and China, GM is now able again to offer in-house automotive financial services to its customers worldwide.

About GM Financial

Founded in 1992, AmeriCredit Corp was acquired by GM in October 2010 and renamed General Motors Financial Company (GM Financial). As a captive of General Motors, GM Financial are successful leaders in providing expertise in originating, servicing and accessing capital markets to fund auto finance products.
GM Financial acquired the International Operations from Ally Financial on April 1, 2013. With this acquisition, GM Financial is positioned to support markets comprising 80% of GM’s sales.

GM Financial International Operations Today

GM Financial International Operations (GMF IO) is a fast growing international company with operations in 19 countries currently. Part of General Motors, we have an asset base of over $30 billion and 2,500 employees across our international business.
GMF IO offer wholesale and retailed automotive financing products to dealers and their customers of mainly GM affiliated vehicle brands to give the best possible range of new and used vehicles. We also provide private label financing through strategic alliances as well as fleet business in selected international markets. Our international operations ensure specifically tailored products to meet the needs of customers across local and global markets.
With presence in Latin America (Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Mexico), China, Europe (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the United Kingdom) and the United States, we understand the importance of communication to enable us to meet the specific needs of customers. With focus towards growth of the company, we have successfully re-entered market in Greece. Currently in the process of expansion, the company has high prospects for the future. Within the company, the cultural and linguistic diversity of employees allows us to provide these services in an efficient and effective manner. The success of the company is reliant on the collaboration of the team and functions. As significant assets to our company, employees are valued and given opportunities to broaden and develop their skills to motivate and ensure we utilise the expertise of individuals.
GM Financial International Operations is small enough for an individual to make a mark; large enough to develop a challenging and international career.