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A career at Guardian

Unlike any other company, Guardian offers a unique professional experience defined by independence, integrity and possibility. We offer productive, rewarding careers in management, manufacturing, operations, science and technology, sales and marketing, engineering and administration.
You should know that the Guardian culture defies hierarchy and bureaucracy. Creative, motivated and enthusiastic types thrive here.
We invite you to consider joining an international network of support and collaboration. Begin a new career driven and determined by you. 

More than just a wage or salary

The Guardian compensation philosophy is simple: We compensate the person, not the position. Every member of our team brings value and is compensated for the results of his or her performance.

Benefits that will make a real-world difference

When you join the Guardian team, you become part of a company that is committed to its employees. Part of that commitment is providing you with a comprehensive benefits package that is specifically designed to make a real difference in your life.

Work for a company that cares 

With global citizenship comes broad responsibility. Through the products we manufacture and the processes we employ at our manufacturing plants, Guardian is committed to saving energy and conserving our planet’s most precious natural resources.
You can feel good about working for a company that does not take its position as a global industry leader lightly.