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A spirit of optimism exists in 1878 as Wilhelm Mast founds his wine-vinegar business in his home town of Wolfenbüttel, Lower Saxony.
The company grows and flourishes and in time, Curt Mast, the founder’s son, enters the business. It is under his guidance that the company finds a new direction.
As a young man he shows extraordinary talent in the preparation and mixture of herbal extracts. In 1934, after many years of experimenting with different ingredients, Curt Mast develops the recipe for an unique, distinctively tasting and unmistakable herbal liquor – it was the birth of what would become a global success: Jägermeister.
Today, Jägermeister, without doubt, has become Germany’s most famous drinks export. Nearly every day someone in Germany or across the world will discover the taste of Jägermeister for the very first time
The secret of this success was and continues to be, the unique character of Jägermeister, which provides, glass for glass, an unforgettable experience.
The history of Jägermeister is stamped with pride in this unique taste and a respect for traditional craftsmanship, without which this experience would not be possible.