It’s not easy to find a good job. Most people hope that their ‘perfect’ job would pay them a market leading salary while truly relying on their technical expertise and soft skills. Take your time to evaluate whether an organisation’s values align with yours so that your dream job does not turn out to be quite the opposite.

What is a corporate culture?

Corporate culture is: “the beliefs and ideas that a company has and the way in which they affect how it does business and how its employees behave,” according to Cambridge Dictionaries Online. 

Why it’s important

Here are a few reasons why corporate culture should matter to you:

  • Productivity grows in a comfortable environment
  • Your professional growth improves by working closely with likeminded individuals
  • Most organisations emphasise teamwork; if you don’t get on well with your team it may affect the standard of your work

What works best for you?

Before you can assess a company’s culture you need to understand what kind of environment you enjoy the most. Are you looking for a strict corporate environment? Or something more creative? There is no one size fits all answer here – you are the only one who knows what will drive you to your best work.

Do your research

Take a look at the company’s website. An interactive site and a clear customer journey is an indicative of an organisation that values online customers and probably invest in their online marketing department.

When you attend the interview, focus on your surroundings. Is the office open plan, encouraging a social atmosphere? If so, it’s likely team work factors heavily in work life there. An office full of cubicles, however, probably revolves more around individual work.

Is the dress code formal? If you want to work in a creative atmosphere, you might feel more comfortable if the dress code is not formal. During your interview, ask about the company’s mission. Do they focus on profit, or on being a socially responsible company? Does the answer match your values and expectations?

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