Five secrets to a happy job hunt

Making your next career move can be a daunting prospect. Job searches can sometimes be lengthy and can certainly have their highs and lows. While you can’t always avoid disappointments, there are a few common traits to a positive, successful job hunt.


Here are five pointers to bear in mind:

1. Be self-aware

Understand your key strengths as well as your key motivators. What are you particularly good at and what really drives you to perform well? A strong self-awareness is important in marketing your strengths effectively to find a role that has the right scope and seniority for your expertise. Clarity is essential when searching for the perfect match for your abilities and for your future goals.


2. Get organized

A successful job hunt requires strategy, organization and direction. Try to set clear tasks and milestones throughout your search – such as daily and weekly goals for approaching new contacts and making applications. Make a note of application deadlines and keep a record of the applications you’ve made already and any organizations you have communicated with. Also, keep hold of any information such as adverts, job descriptions and person specifications that you may need to refer to further down the line.


3. Ask for help

Everyone needs a little helping hand once in a while. Use your existing network of contacts to find out about new opportunities and get personal introductions where possible. Ask around to find out about any upcoming vacancies and approach past colleagues/managers to see if they can refer you or provide you with recommendations.

In addition, you might consider registering with a recruitment agency. Specialist recruitment consultants will have the experience, industry contacts and niche knowledge of the market to give your search a push in the right direction. To talk to one of our consultants and discuss your job search in more detail, do get in touch today.


4. Be web savvy

The web offers an abundance of channels and opportunities to aid your job search – so make sure you use them! Ensure your CV is readily available online and explore relevant online job boards. Social media can also be a good resource, so follow organizations of interest on Twitter and maintain a full, detailed LinkedIn profile. In addition, keep a close eye on your online presence to ensure your security settings are intact and your public profile will not deter a prospective employer.


5. Attitude is everything

It’s easier said than done, but try to keep a positive, motivated outlook throughout your job hunt. Learn from any rejections and don’t let them knock your confidence. At interview, your personality and attitude will be just as much under scrutiny as your skills – so make sure you smile and exude positive, upbeat vibes.


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