Find your interim professional who will make the difference

The demand for interim professionals has been steadily growing for years. Companies in open economies such as Sweden’s must be ready to meet the ever changing demands of the market, legislation, and skill shortages. To facilitate this, flexible deployment of professional interim and temporary professionals is vital.

Interim professionals

Michael Page Interim specialises in providing experienced professionals to deliver fast solutions. We have offered interim solutions in Sweden since 2002, and through close contact with our extensive network of interim professionals, we can provide quick and accurate interim solutions for a range of situations.

Immediate start

Time is a key factor: interim professionals must be available at short notice. That is why we can present you a short-list of referenced interim professionals within hours of your initial request. Depending on your requirements, the candidate could start with you the next day.

Our specialised consultants know the tasks, processes and systems, regulations and specific demands interim professionals must meet. This is why our candidate deployment is quick and targeted.

When can interim professionals add value?

Need for temporary expertise

In order to stay ahead of the competition, companies must innovate. There is the need to implement new technologies, strategies and business processes before falling behind – and there are many reasons why it may be impossible to have this expertise available in-house at that time.

Interim professionals often specialise in a specific field or function. They bring a wealth of experience from previous projects, which means they hit the ground running allowing you to go beyond business as usual.

Interim professionals are a great solution at such times. As outsiders, they see the organisation through fresh, objective eyes. As they are independent, it is easier for them to make tough decisions and implement changes. That is why interim professionals are ideal when you need to:

• Set up or implement new processes, systems or departments

• Manage changes or crises

• Manage mergers, acquisitions or restructuring

• Drive international expansion

Covering long-term absences

Long term absences happen. Employees may be absent for periods of time due to parental leave, sickness, secondments or even sabbaticals. One advantage of interim professionals is that they have often built a career path before deciding to go interim – meaning their extensive experience is always at their fingertips.

For administrative roles it is often a matter of finding a replacement quickly, with the right set of skills to ensure that processes continue smoothly. When it happens in a specialist role or at director level and above, we know that business operations, financial control, regulatory reporting demands and staff management cannot be put on hold.

Temporary workload increase

Every company goes through periods of increased workloads, for example, launching a new product, an audit, the end-of-year processes, or even changes to legislation and regulations.

At such times it is beneficial to be able to hire an expert who can get the job done without a training period. Interim professionals offer that expertise. They are effective and result-driven. Moreover, it is in their economic and career interest to complete the project on time.