What to do to improve your interview technique

Interview technique is a critical skill which you’ll need to master if you’re to make the most of your talents and get that job.

Once you’ve obtained an interview, you can be confident that on paper you measure up. Now it’s time to impress in person.

Here are some key interview tips to help you through the process:

Do your research

Research the company thoroughly through their website, relevant news sites, LinkedIn, blogs and online forums. This will enable you to talk compellingly about their business.

Know who you are on paper

Familiarise yourself with the job spec and know your CV back to front. During the interview, you’ll be trying to show how your previous experience makes you eligible for the role.

Be memorable

First impressions count, so dress smart, arrive on time, give a warm handshake and don’t forget to make regular eye contact when speaking – but don’t stare.

You’ll be asked about previous experiences so make them relevant

Be prepared for competency-based questions that try to assess your skills. They work on the principle that past performance is the best predictor of future performance. Therefore, use examples that illustrate what a good job you’ve previously done.

Project yourself, confidently

Try to project an air of trustworthiness during the interview. Establish some rapport with your interviewer, listen to the anecdotes and try to find areas in common at the level of work, and use stories that demonstrate your best qualities.

Politeness is positive

Be courteous to everyone you meet from the receptionist to the interviewer themselves but don’t be afraid to say what you think, if asked.

Ask what the next steps will be

At the end of the interview, ensure you know how the process will evolve. It’s important to convey enthusiasm and friendliness even at the end of the most grueling interview.

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