he core skills of talented logistics professionals are still in high demand, although, we are seeing a rise in the demand for skills in four areas in particular. It is important to recognise what competitors are looking for in the market and to understand the importance of these skills to gauge how useful they are for your business. 1. Knowledge of the latest logistics technology Automation and mechanisation will both be key for the future of logistics operations, as businesses increasingly rely on technology to advance their processes. In line with this trend, professionals will need to gain more exposure and become comfortable working with automated processes. The key to the effective implementation of any new technology is people. “People thought technology would solve problems over time and have therefore neglected people development.” - Michael Page client, Contract Manager at a third party provider. 2. Relevant qualifications The logistics sector is growing at a rapid pace. Employers want to hire professionals who have relevant qualifications and are well educated in their field. “Some companies still consider a candidate with a degree a must-have, they are however more flexible as to the subject candidates majored with. More and more companies in Poland are hiring and successfully developing careers of candidates with a degree in Economics, International Relations, or Trade Management. Many logistics companies are looking to hire more graduates, as these professionals will grow and develop with the company”, explains Michalina Kies, Manager Manufacturing & Supply Chain at Michael Page. Value add qualifications such as Six Sigma and PRINCE 2 are especially sought after. 3. Effective management qualifications Managing a team effectively is crucial at all levels in order to retain top talent. Managers should look to motivate their teams and drive positive change. One of our clients, a Regional Manager at a leading parcels business had this to say on management skills in logistics: “Process and procedure can be taught, but emotional intelligence cannot. We look less for the management of process and more for motivation and drive.” 4. Project management and solutions design Candidates with experience in projects and change are consistently sought after. Businesses want to ensure efficiencies and remain competitive, and even junior level candidates are expected to have been involved in projects, and be adaptable to change. Our client, a Distribution Manager at a global business states: “The best candidates are the ones who are able to adapt to ever-changing needs and environments.” If you are interested in hiring new talent for your organisation please get in touch with one of our specialist recruitment consultants today.

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