"I can recommend Michael Page because they have a well-functioning recruitment process. They have found high qualitative candidates that have met our expectations in terms of skills and attitude. Besides, they are acting very quickly"

Charlotte Andersson, Head of Controlling and Administration, Network, IT & Projects

Meet Charlotte Andersson

Name: Charlotte Andersson

Company: Tele2 Sverige

Position: Head of Controlling and Administration, Network, IT & Projects

Charlotte started at Tele2Sweden in 2007. When asking Charlotte how a recruitment company can add value in the best way, she points out three factors that she finds crucial from a client’s perspective. First it’s important to have efficient processes in place. Second she believes that a large circle of contacts is necessary to be able to deliver candidates with a "perfect match" and as a last point she mentions the fact that the recruitment consultant really has to understand the clients’ culture and work climate.

So what information is then relevant to exchange with the consultant to be able to find the perfect match? - The very first thing to clarify is of course the skills needed to do the job. But then it’s also important to share the soft aspects such as culture in the team and in the company, the work load and the pace.

When Charlotte meets the candidate she pays special attention to personal qualities and attitude. She also tries to figure out why the person is interested in the position in particular. Even if a job not is on lifetime she wants to be sure that the candidate doesn’t search the job while waiting for something else.

To attract and retain the best employees is one of the biggest challenges today.